Winter preparation for your static caravan

If you are planning to leave your static caravan over the winter months then it can be vulnerable to damage caused by the cold. It is sensible to prepare your caravan for this in order to protect it as much as possible.

It is also important to dig out your insurance documents and check for any terms in which refer to restrictions when the site is closed or the caravan is left unoccupied. Some criteria such as draining down your caravan can keep your insurance valid through the winter months.

Here are some top tips on how to prepare your caravan for the winter months…

It is best to try and air the caravan as much as possible on your last day, it is also important to check the doors and windows are in good working order and that air vents are clear before leaving the caravan.

In the kitchen it is important to ensure that all food is removed and that the inside of the fridge is cleaned out. Be sure to remove any perishable items from the kitchen cupboards also. In addition, clean all surfaces as wells as the floor.

In the bathroom, before turning off the water supply you should remove the shower head and hose as they could be damaged if any remaining water freezes. You should also lift the lid on the toilet cistern, flush the toilet and as the cistern refills add in some anti-freeze.

After this you can shut off the water supply at the stop cock and use your handbook to find any drain down taps under the caravan and open them (they are usually under the kitchen and bathroom). Next, turn on all taps including the shower and leave them on. You should also flush the toilet, this empties most of the water from the cistern. Once most of the water has gone it is a useful idea to put some newspaper into the s bend to prevent unwanted customers.

You should also disconnect the gas supply and store the canister away safely alongside, disconnecting the electricity.

In terms of the exterior of your caravan you should make sure that guttering and downpipes are in good order.