World’s largest motorhome up for sale

We’ve showcased a number of exciting motorhomes on our website recently, from concept campervans to record breaking speedy RVs, so we couldn’t resist bringing you news of the world’s largest motorhome!

Der Bus was entered into the Guinness Book of Records in 1997 for its impressive measurements of 28 metres in length and 28 tonnes in weight. Built in Germany, this luxury leviathan has now been put up for sale…although the creators have not given it a set price tag!

Whoever gets their hands on this monstrous motorhome can enjoy two floors of luxury living – with finishing touches including white leather walls, a built-in casino and a VIP lounge. Altogether, it can accommodate up to 144 guests.

As preparation for its sale, Der Bus has been completely disassembled and rebuilt to ensure it is mechanically sound.

Although we don’t know the exact price, we have a sneaking suspicion that this giant motorhome might be out of our budget… however there are plenty of affordable leisure vehicles available on the market at present.

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