You couldn’t make it up…

We’re used to hearing all sorts of stories from our customers making claims, but we’ve never heard anything quite like this story  in the Daily Mirror.

Staffordshire restaurateur Caroline Gray was staying in her static caravan last weekend when she was awoken by what she thought was a loud explosion.

Getting up to see what had occurred, she was surprised to find a large hole in the roof and a block of brown and yellow ice on the floor of the bathroom. The frozen missile was, in fact, a block of waste from a commercial airline, which had plummeted to the ground – almost landing in her toilet!

“It’s incredible to think it nearly landed in our toilet when that’s where it came from in a plane above us,” Ms Gray told the newspaper.

According to aviation experts, occasionally waste can fall from aeroplanes if there is a small leak in the system – from either the toilet, air conditioning or running water facilities – and water builds up outside the plane, freezing in the extreme climate. As the plane starts its descent for landing, the chassis warms up and this causes the frozen waste to drop to the ground.

Ms Gray’s bathroom damage is one of only a handful of similar incidents; there are five recorded incidents of people being struck by falling plane ice during the past 40 years.

This is an extreme case but it outlines the need for taking out a static caravan insurance policy that includes accidental damage – you never know what might happen.

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