Your Spring Park Home Garden

Now the spring has finally sprung it’s time to get on top of the gardening again. April is the time to sow new lawns or seed bare batches to repair them. It’s also a good idea at this time of year to clear any weeds that have appeared over the colder months and feed shrubs and hedges. Some popular flowers to sow before May are sun flowers, sweet peas, poppies, dahlias, pansies and gypsophila.

As we move into May you should try to mow lawns regularly and you can continue to sow lawns if need be. Hanging baskets can now be planted up in their final hanging spots as we should be past any late season frosts.

Hanging baskets are a great way to bring colour to gardens and outdoor areas, especially if you haven’t got the space for large flower beds. Some of the best flowers for hanging baskets are fuchsias, lantanas, lobelia, petunias and sweet alyssum. There are also a lot of different containers that you can use to create unique hanging displays. You could use clay pots, buckets, wicker baskets, mason jars or old cooking pots to bring character into your garden.

Another simple idea to brighten up your garden throughout the spring is to plant a section, bed or collection of pots of wild flowers. They are a great way to bring variety into your garden even if you don’t have a lot of space.

If you enjoy cooking, you can create a herb table in a small corner of outside space. All you need to do is gather a collection of pots and plant your favourite herbs. By having the pots on a table, it also makes maintenance and picking a lot easier.