Bailey completes motorhome crash tests

Although it only entered the motorhome market two years ago, Bailey’s campervan models are proving just as popular as its touring caravans, and the Bristol manufacturer has been ensuring it continues to offer a high standard of product by completing an advance crash testing series.

The rigorous tests took place over a two year period between 2011-12 at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire. Bailey used a motorhome without an engine or front seats to simulate a 30mph collision, adding adult and child size crash test dummies to assess the impact on ‘passengers’.

One of the biggest issues highlighted by this testing programme was the potential for rear-facing occupants to suffer injuries in the event of the crash. After looking at the potential dangers, Bailey modified its motorhome by reinforcing the chassis outriggers to provide a safer environment for those travelling in the back part of the cab. It also anchored the fridge and oven and created a secure table storage area to reduce the chances of these items becoming detached in the event of an incident.

Other projects undertaken following the initial test included strengthening the motorhome’s bulkhead, creating a leisure vehicle that far exceeds minimum safety requirements.

As part of a wider campaign of continued safety improvements within the outdoor travel industry, Bailey has made its crash test results available without patent protection for other manufacturers to use when designing core safety elements of their own motorhomes.

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