Caravan & Motorhome fire safety

What can you do to prevent a fire from breaking out in your caravan or motorhome?

Here are some suggestions the Coast Team have put together to ensure you’re not putting your caravan or motorhome at a greater risk:

– Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to identify any early warning signs of danger

– Do not overload sockets

– Ensure bonfires are kept well away from your vehicle

– Keep all vents clear

-Use a gas engineer if you need to fix a gas heater

– Use the manufacturers’ instructions when using solid fuel burners

– Keep your caravan or motorhome parked at a safe distance from your neighbour

-Know the location of your caravan in case you have to make an emergency call, if you cannot give directions a six figure Ordnance Survey grid reference would be useful to know

Gas Cylinders

According to an article on fire safety published by the Somerset Country Gazette “The firefighting operation in caravans is often complicated by the presence of gas cylinders, which have the potential to explode if they are exposed to fire and require the service set a 200m exclusion zone.”

“When not in use gas cylinders should be stored six meters away, this applies to empty canisters as they are still dangerous.”


Of course accidents can still happen so it is important you take out an insurance policy that protects you against the devastating effects of fire, as well as theft, storm, accidental & malicious damage. For more information speak to Coast on 0800 614 849.