Do I need to insure my caravan whilst not using it

The savings do not outweigh the risks

Yes, of course it’s tempting to save money due to the current situation by cancelling your touring caravan insurance.  However, the savings simply do not outweigh the risks.  Accidental damage and damage whilst driving claims will probably not happen when your caravan is stored, but there are other major risks such as vandalism, theft, flood, fire and even storm damage which need to be taken into consideration.

Keep your insurance provider up to date

Don’t forget your caravan security.  Ensure you have the correct and best security fitted and that it’s actually working correctly (often overlooked).  If you have tracking devices, please ensure that your subscriptions are all up to date and your accounts are active.  Also ensure that there are power to these devices to make them operate.  Let your insurance provider know if you have made any changes to such things as security or storage, so you will be fully covered in the event of a claim.

Touring caravan insurance protects your caravan against damage or loss as a result of something unexpected happening.  It is always strongly advisable to make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover every type of situation.  All these events are possible and all would be covered by a standard caravan insurance policy.  A caravan insurance policy will include cover for loss of the caravan or damage.  It will also cover equipment such as awnings, together with its contents and any personal items. If the caravan is less than 10 years old, it should also offer “new for old” insurance cover.