Get your skis on…

If you’re a fan of skiing then you might be interested in this tale of a family who’ve used a motorhome to fund a season on the slopes.

The Coast team read with interest an article in The Scotsman recently, which focused on the Cambridge family from Birkhill. Husband and wife Michael and Moira and their daughter Anna have enjoy 40-60 days’ skiing on the Scottish slopes, staying in their motorhome to maximise value for money.

“We’ve had motorhomes for about ten years now,” Michael told the newspaper. “The one we’ve got at the moment, an Auto-Roller 707, is fairly comfortable – it sleeps seven so it’s not quite your typical ski bum VW. We’ve been there though –we’ve had a converted van in years gone by. We’ve gone from a tiny little minivan when we were in our twenties to a full camper van to a medium-sized motorhome to a couple of fairly big motorhomes.”

To enable a quick getaway, the family store their skiing equipment and winter clothing in the motorhome. On Fridays after work they jump in and set off, camping overnight in the ski resort car park before an early start to enjoy the snow on Saturday morning.

“There have been a couple of classics at CairnGorm where we’ve driven up on the Friday night and the access road has been closed on the Saturday morning,” Michael added. “They’ll open up the funicular so you’ll get to ride for an hour or two while everyone else is struggling to get up the hill. I don’t want to be smug, but if you know people in that queue you can’t help but phone them and remind them where you are.”

The full article is available here.

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