‘Honesty gets the best policy’

When signing up for insurance it may seem like a great idea to ‘bend’ the truth in order to get the cheapest deal. However, in the long run this could turn out to be a really bad idea and you could find that you are not properly covered.

One of the most common ‘white lies’ that is told when purchasing insurance is giving false main driver information. This is called fronting and could result in your insurance being void. You must state the person who drives the vehicle most as the main driver.

Yes, insurance premiums vary with age, experience and location and it may be tempting to put an older member of the family as the main driver to get a cheaper rate, but this will be noticed as deliberate fronting and is against the law.

If the vehicle is shared, it may be harder to decipher who the main driver is. A good way to decide is to assess who drives the car more and who is responsible for is upkeep. If in doubt it is a good idea to talk to your insurer, they will advise you who is best put as the main driver.

Not only is fronting against the law, it will make it harder for you to arrange affordable insurance policies in the future. So make sure you are fully covered and always remember, ‘honesty gets you the best policy’, don’t be a part of ‘fronting’.