Introducing… The Sixth-generation Volkswagen Transporter!

Since its launch in 1950 the Volkswagen T series has been a popular vehicle choice for many.

Having evolved over six decades the Transporter has become a design icon. The newest sixth generation model will be arriving in the UK later this year, so keep it in mind if you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle soon.

Similarly to previous generations the new design is still immediately recognisable, however has a sleeker, smoother look to it. The interior of the Transporter is designed to be multi-purpose and spacious. It also has a high quality and aesthetically pleasing look, making it perfect for a variety of customer groups.

The engine of the sixth- generation Transporter is from a completely new production of TDI engines. These engines are built to be tougher and more resilient, therefore are great for long journeys as well as commercial use. The petrol options of the new design are made up of four cylinder engines with a displacement of 2.0 litres and are offered with 110kW/ 150 PS or 150kW/ 204PS. 

Another great feature of the engine is that it is great for saving fuel, compared older generations you could save a litre of fuel per 100km travelled, leaving you with more money to spend on having a good time!

Research has also shown that the sixth-generation Transporter is even safer than its predecessors. The new safety features include a ‘front assist area’ to monitor the distance between you and other vehicles. Alongside, a ‘ACC’ emergency breaking system to slow your vehicle down when at a low speed, improving safety whilst in dense traffic. There is also hands free and Bluetooth installed into the vehicle for safety whilst driving.

In addition to the safety, look and performance of the new design, it is comfortable and convenient. With three modes, comfort, normal and sport there will be a style of driving to suit every journey. There is also variable seating layouts which can be simply changed and adapted to your all your needs.

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