Is your static caravan covered for damage caused by vermin?

Creatures like mice and rats are always looking for somewhere dry and warm as the weather becomes colder over the winter months, so as you move out of your static caravan for the winter these furry pests can take full advantage and make your static caravan their cosy home for the closed season.

For anyone who has been a victim of vermin damage you will know just how much destruction they can cause and the cost of repairing that damage can be expensive. Have you checked your static home insurance to see if vermin cover is included or indeed excluded?

Coast’s Static Holiday Home Policy underwritten by Brit Syndicate 2987 at Lloyd’s and does offer you protection against vermin damage, but not all insurance policies out there do. If you have any queries about vermin damage cover or would like a quote for your static caravan insurance then give Coast a call on 01892 784059 .

Top Tips to Avoid Vermin Damage

  • Check your static caravan for holes through which mice or rats may gain entry to your van, you can use wire mesh to block any holes you find.
  • Make sure you give your static home a thorough clean before leaving it for the winter season.
  • Remove all food items from your cupboards.
  • Take home cushions and bedding, this will also keep them dry.
  • Take home items such as toilet roll and kitchen roll.Install a rodent deterrent device.