New MOT checks to affect caravans

Caravan owners take note: the Department for Transport has made a number of changes to MOTs this year, which could affect your towing vehicle.

Among the new MOT criteria in is a mandatory test on caravan electrical sockets, to ensure all caravans and trailers are properly connected and suitably roadworthy.

The checks will consist of a basic damage assessment for seven pin sockets and a full connectivity test on 13 pin sockets. This is just one of many tests that have been introduced by the Department for Transport following a European directive to focus on vehicle electronic components.

As part of the introductory process, until 1 April 2012 any vehicles undergoing an MOT will be given an ‘advisory’ if their vehicle fails based on the new checks, allowing motorists until their next MOT to correct these issues.

If you’re a touring caravan owner, in addition to making sure your electrical connections are in full working order, taking out a dedicated caravan insurance policy will offer you protection against many other scenarios. To find out more about touring caravan insurance, call the Coast enquiries team on Freephone 01892 784059 or visit our Quotation Page.