Prolong the life of the tyres on your caravan or motorhome

So, you’ve taken what you feel are the necessary steps to looking after your caravan or motorhome over the last few months. You did your research and found the model best suited to you and your family, you drove safely on the roads and you’ve kept it clean after each and every muddy journey you’ve embarked upon. Most importantly, you’ve taken out a comprehensive insurance policy with Coast to keep you out of harm’s way.

Now, as the weather turns colder, you’ve decided it ‘s time to pack away your pride and joy and allow it to hibernate for the winter period. Just before you do so, make sure you read our Coast top tip’s for making sure your tyres are kept in the best condition possible. Looking after your caravan or motorhome now will ensure many more exciting adventures in years to come.

– Check that your tyres are free from any cuts or warping in the rubber
– Make sure all the tyres have the legal requirement of a minimum depth tread of 1.6mm
– Clean your tyres with water to remove any chemicals that could cause the rubber to deteriorate
– If possible jack the caravan up to release any pressure on the tyres
– If you cannot use a jack, make sure you turn the wheels every 4-6 weeks, making sure the same tread does not have consistent weight on it
– Cover your tyres to protect them against direct sunlight

If you are not completely confident of what to look out for or are in any doubt, we suggest you visit your local tyre dealer and seek some professional assistance.

If you would like any more information on insuring your caravan or motorhome over the winter time, speak to Coast on 0800 614 849 or use our mobile friendly number 01892 784059.