The History of Caravanning

Here is a timeline to give you an insight into the people, models and manufacturers that have shaped the caravans that we all love today…

1885- The wanderer, the first Caravan drawn by a horse was invented Gordon Stables.

1919- Eccles Motor Transport, was the first car pulled Caravan and marks the time that commercial touring was born.

1937- Car Cruiser, the 1930’s was the turning point in caravan construction as aerodynamic designs started to be manufactured.

1946- Eccles National Caravan, Just after WW2 Eccles then moved caravanning on a step further when they released their national caravan which was produced on a mass scale.

1969- Ace Caravans, Ace Caravans further developed caravans when they produced the first mass produced UK caravan manufacturer to use glass reinforced plastic.

1973- Abi Monza, the Abi Monza was produced as a stylish but low budget range of caravan which proved to be very popular.

1979- Astral Cameo, The Astral Cameo was one of the first twin axel caravans to be produced.

1989- Swift Corniche, Swift developed caravanning further when they used GRP mouldings to improve the towing ease and style of the Swift.

2008 onwards- Now in the 21st century, there are numerous Caravan models on the market and we are living in a generation of customized mobile living.