Top tips to ensure you keep your motor home battery in good condition

Your motorhome battery is a crucial part of your home. It essentially acts as a fuel tank because although it is a simple energy store, energy needs to be put in first.

You may think that all batteries are the same, but that’s not the case as there are a variety of battery types, for example you can get standard wet lead/acid, sealed wet lead/acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gel or lithium ion; plus and lithium iron phosphate batteries installed in your van.

The main batteries used in motorhomes however, are lead/acid, gel and AGM. Lead/acid batteries have been around since 1859; and while the exact make-up is different in gel and AGM, the basic technology is the same.

There are varying types of lead/ acid battery which are suitable for different uses. Starter batteries are specifically made to give a high current for short bursts, they then need to be recharged quickly.

Leisure battery’s on the other hand, are designed to give a lower current for a longer time and will often take longer to recharge.

It is important to consider which type of battery is best suited to your individual requirements. You can use a starter battery for leisure purposes as long as you don’t discharge it repeatedly. It however, won’t be suitable for anyone camping extensively off the grid which really requires a leisure battery.

It is important to remember to look after your battery, try not to over-discharge them and when they are discharged, recharge them fully as soon as possible.