Your guide to: caravan movers

Many of our customers are already motor mover converts, however there are still a few people within the caravanning community that aren’t sure whether to invest. If you’re thinking of purchasing your first caravan mover, the Coast team has put together some advice to aid your decision.

Benefits of a caravan mover

Essentially, a caravan mover is there to make the task of manoeuvring your leisure vehicle an easier one.

Finding the right mover for you

The type of mover you purchase depends on the size of your caravan. A single and twin motor mover can cope with loaded ‘vans weighing up to 1800kg, however heavier tourers will require a four motor mover. Generally speaking, larger caravans (over two berth) will require a mover with a 100amp leisure battery, whereas smaller tourers can get away with an 85amp battery.

There are also movers available for folding caravans and trailer tents although these will require a separate battery to use, which will mean purchasing a leisure battery, battery box, drop plates and power cable connectors.

Other things to look out for

When you’re looking at caravan movers, check the rollers are non corrosive alloys as it will give your equipment a longer life span. Chain driver movers tend to stretch and need replacing more often.

Movers with cross actuation are also extremely handy, as they will allow you to engage the wheel motors from either side – useful if you’re trying to park against an obstacle such as a fence.

You should also check the dimensions of your mover for ground clearance before fitting, taking into account potential road obstacles such as speed bumps.

Fitting your mover

Movers are straightforward enough to be fitted at home by following instructions but you must leave plenty of time – it will take up to a day to get it placed correctly. If you don’t feel confident, a caravan professional can fit a mover in around two hours. It will also give you peace of mind that it has been fitted correctly and therefore the warranty has not been invalidated.

Once you’ve invested in a caravan mover, it’s important to ensure it is protected along with your other equipment and contents. Coast offers comprehensive caravan insurance designed for touring caravans. Our touring caravan cover is both comprehensive and competitive – to find out more call Freephone 0800 614 849 or visit our online caravan quotation page.