Your guide to… trailer tents and folding campers

Embracing the great outdoors is about more than just buying a standard motorhome or touring caravan. There are lots of ways you can enjoy the camping lifestyle, one of which is by investing in a trailer tent or a folding camper.A trailer tent or folding camper is – generally speaking – a cheaper option than a tourer, however there are lots of different styles and models on the market. Here’s the Coast team’s guide to the differences between a trailer tent and folding camper, so you can see which would best suit you.Trailer tent

A standard trailer tent has canvas walls and is erected and pegged into the ground in the same manner as a standard tent. The difference is that it is attached to a trailer that is towed by your car (or sometimes motorcycle) and features fold-out beds that are off the ground, providing a more comfortable night’s sleep. They also offer more space than most standard tents.

Some trailer tents have a lid that unfolds to become part of the tent flooring, giving you a firmer (and drier!) base for your tent.

Folding campers

These look more like a caravan – they have the same base unit with fitted appliances such as a sink, cooking equipment and toilet, however the structure still has a canvas roof. There is no need to peg these into the ground and on the whole the beds are created by sliding out panels on the trailer.

The downside is that folding campers are more expensive than trailer tents, so may not be the best option for those on a limited budget.

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