Accidents happen: caravanners risking damage this Easter

As Spring Fever sets in, keen caravanners should beware of the risks associated with early season touring – they’re over twice as likely to suffer accidental damage around Easter time than earlier in the year, according to research by Coast Insurance.

A study by the specialist caravan insurance provider into claims made during the past 10 years has revealed that the chances of incurring accidental damage to your tourer increases by 121 per centbetween January/February and March/April, as outdoor living enthusiasts make their first trips of the year.

After getting out of the caravanning ‘habit’ during the winter, many owners rush to set off without checking fixtures and fittings are secure and items have been stored safely, leading to damage occurring in transit.

It’s not just the caravan in need of a spring shakedown: many accidental damage claims are made by owners scuffing their vehicle’s exterior on gate posts and walls as their manoeuvring skills prove somewhat ‘road rusty’.

This cavalier attitude continues at the campsite, with over enthusiastic caravanners staining carpets with food, wine and bleach-based household products, or singeing wood and flooding bathrooms by using untested appliances.

“Although it’s not unusual that claims rise as spring arrives, what surprises us is how avoidable many of these accidents are,” said Robert Tuke, Coast Insurance’s Managing Director. “Caravan owners should perform thorough safety checks before hitting the road and drive cautiously to reduce the chance of sustaining accidental damage to their caravan.”

If you’re planning your first caravan break this spring, Coast has put together the following tips to limit the likelihood of suffering accidental damage:

  • Ideally, send your caravan for a professional service. If you choose not to, inspect the window seals for leaks and check for signs of damp
  • Make sure your tyres are in good condition with a minimum 1.6mm tread depth
  • Double check your wheel nuts and tyre pressures
  • Test all appliances
  • Clean out your pipes and wastemaster with sterilising fluid
  • Make sure your towbar is in good condition and test your electronic connections
  • Pack all cupboards and storage areas carefully, evenly distributing the weight throughout your caravan
  • Secure all items not stored away in locked cupboards
  • Before going away, take your caravan for a short journey on familiar roads to refresh your towing skills. You might even want to consider attending a towing course.
  • Most importantly, double check your caravan insurance is up to date in case something does go wrong

Coast’s touring caravan insurance includes accidental damage protection as standard. For a no obligation quotation call Freephone 0800 614 849 or click here to buy caravan insurance online.