Caravan squatter brought to justice

Here’s a lesson in caravan security: rambler Alan Campbell is facing jail time after admitting to breaking and entering 82 caravans in South West England.

Mr Campbell was released from prison last year and subsequently began searching Devon and Cornwall for empty caravans in which to stay. He hiked his way along the coast, breaking into 82 caravans across 13 sites.

Although not pre-meditated, Campbell broke into his first caravan when he found himself without somewhere to stay and carried on roaming caravan sites for the following four months. In addition to using the empty caravans for accommodation, he also stole food and beverages to guarantee his survival, along with a number of valuable items left behind by owners.

Mr Campbell has admitted to charges of breaking and entering and is now back behind bars awaiting sentencing.

This is a salient lesson in the importance of locking up your caravan securely when it is not in use – especially during winter when your ‘van could be empty for extended periods of time.

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