Caravanning starter kit

We’re always thrilled when caravanning newcomers contact us for information on insuring their new caravan – it seems the leisure vehicle lifestyle becomes more popular every year!

When you’re first getting set-up for life outdoors, however, there are lots of little gadgets you may not be aware that you need to ensure a smooth first trip away.

Here are a few things that Coast would recommend purchasing before you hit the road with your new tourer:


Check whether you’ve got a spare wheel – if you don’t, invest in one! There’s nothing worse than suffering a tyre failure and not having a spare to replace it. It’s also worth buying a tyre pressure gauge and torque wrench so that your tyres are inflated to the correct temperature and all wheel nuts are securely fastened before you start loading up your caravan.


The secret to successful towing is good visibility. Get hold of some additional mirrors to fit to your towing vehicle and do a ‘test run’ before you set off to ensure you know how to attach them to your car.


There’s a science to packing your caravan in order to make sure it’s not overloaded, the weight within it is evenly distributed and items are securely stowed. One helpful tool to ease the loading process is a noseweight gauge, which will check your tourer is not dangerously overweight.

Pitching up

A motor mover is a great way of taking the strain out of unhitching your caravan. One important thing to remember, though, is that it will add to the weight you are carrying on board your caravan.


Most modern caravans come with built-in stabilisers, which help assist the towcar in keeping the caravan under control. If your caravan doesn’t have one fitted see it’d be worth thinking about fitting one, as they offer a bit more security, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday.

At the campsite

There are a few handy gadgets that can make adjusting to caravanning that bit smoother: a spirit level will help you site the caravan straight, whilst a water container such as an Aquaroll can reduce trips to the tap.

If the site you are visiting offers electrical hook-up, make sure your hook-up lead is at least 25 metres – just in case you’re further away from the power source than you anticipate!

Also, this might sound a little silly, but don’t forget about bringing along a step to help you get in and out of your caravan.

Health and safety

You may want to invest in a smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor inside your caravan, whilst it’s also handy to have a fire extinguisher or blanket close to hand.

Those are just a few of the basic items we recommend for caravan novices. Unfortunately, even with every precaution taken, sometimes accidents happen and your caravan and/or its contents become damaged. That’s when it’s important to have an up-to-date insurance policy – for more information on Coast’s comprehensive touring caravan insurance call Freephone 0800 614 849 or click here to buy caravan insurance online.