Government opposed EU caravan checks

The European Union recently announced plans to introduce MOT-style tests for touring caravans, however the UK government is opposing this proposal to bring mandatory technical checks for tourers into force.

If the EU campaign is successful, owners of touring caravans weighing more than 750kg will have to put their leisure vehicles through the annual check-up from 1st January 2018.

Caravanning organisations, however, have warned that the extra cost involved in these MOT type tests could put people off the idea of buying a tourer.

Transport and Tourism spokesperson Jacqueline Foster MEP, agrees with this sentiment, stating: “I have spent many months objecting to the inclusion of caravans in this proposed regulation. I believe it to be pointless and it would contribute nothing to improve road safety.

“I believe it is an important part of our leisure and tourism industry which we should be encouraging, not penalising.”

The European Parliament will make a final decision on the issue later this year.

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