Neanderthal objects discovered at Norfolk holiday park

We’ve heard of many unusual things turning up at holiday parks, but this is a first: the remains of an ancient civilisation have been discovered at a caravan park in Norfolk!

Neanderthal tools and fossils, which are thought to be around 500,000 years old, were uncovered at Manor Caravan Park in Happisburgh, and experts believe this is the sign of a prehistoric settlement at the site.

Furthermore, archaeologists predict that an extensive excavation of the site could reveal human remains dating back to the same era.

“We don’t know which species of early human first came to Britain so my dream is to find a fossil human at Happisburgh,” the Natural History Museum’s Chris Stringer remarked to the Sunday Times. “We have some spectacular finds of tools and the fossils of butchered animals beneath cliffs in front of what is now partly a holiday caravan park. We think the site where they lived was on the river Thames, which flowed out into the North Sea at that point.”

Many of the discoveries that have been made in the area will be on show at the Natural History Museum next month.

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