Stolen caravan safely returned within an hour!

Most caravanners are aware that having security devices in place are necessary for the safety of your tourer, however one outdoor living enthusiast from West Yorkshire found out just how effective they can be when he became the victim of theft recently.

The keen caravanner had recently purchased a Sprite model, which was fitted with parent company Swift’s Track Retrieve technology. This system instantly notifies police if unexpected movement is detected in the caravan and it was set off shortly after the owner purchased his new tourer.

West Yorkshire Police despatched a helicopter in response to the incident and within 40 minutes the caravan had been tracked down, retrieved and returned to its owner.

“We are always looking for key features that set our products apart and the Tracker Retrieve system is an important addition to give our customers peace of mind,” Swift’s Nick Page told Caravan Times. “Ultimately, as it becomes a recognised feature, we hope it will deter thieves from stealing a Swift Group product.”

Even if your caravan is fitted with an alarm system and tracker, it’s important to make sure it’s also covered by a valid insurance policy in case for some reason it is stolen and cannot be retrieved.

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