Top children’s toys for caravan and motorhome holidays

Now that the school holidays are in full swing, we’re sure that many of you are planning to take your family away for a few days in the summer fresh air.

Although you might have a few day trip destinations in mind, it’s important to find fun ways to keep the kids entertained when you’re relaxing at the campsite.

Here are some of the Coast team’s favourite children’s toys to put a smile on your little one’s face no matter what the weather!

If it’s sunny…


All the fun of tennis without worrying about the ball careering through the window of next door’s caravan!

RRP £19.99
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Tiger Feet

Turn campsite journeys into safari adventures with these paw shaped foot pads, which are also designed to improve balance and coordination.

RRP £7.00
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Wooden Barbeque

Let the kids’ help mum and dad cook dinner by playing along. In addition to a grill and spit, the barbeque features wooden meat and vegetables.

RRP £25.00
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Nerf Combat Shelter

One for the budding action men and women in your family – a play tent complete with targets on top for shooting practice with a toy gun or water gun. 

RRP £24.96
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Digi-Cool Plus Camera

Send your young ones to explore the campsite or the local area with this children’s digital camera. The design is easy for small hands to grip and the built-in photo editor includes kaleidoscope effects and silly stamps to customise their images. There is also a movie function and three games to play.

RRP £45.00
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If it’s raining…

Chad Valley Face Paints

Perfect for cheering up a damp and dismal day, these face paints include an instructions booklet and stencil sheet to help with the creation of imaginative designs.

RRP £9.99
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Bop It! Smash

This quick-fire reaction game will keep the whole family entertained for hours. The premise is simple – tap the relevant part of the game console when it lights up – however mastering the game is anything but!

RRP £19.99
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Crazy Bee Game

A nature-based game for a fresh air holiday: get your kids to don the crazy bee headband and see who’ll be the first to collect all 10 balls.

RRP £12.00
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Wooden Tea Set

There’s nothing nicer than a relaxing cup of tea and a slice of cake and, thanks to this tea set, younger tea makers can join in the fun or share a beverage with their favourite teddy bear. The set includes a tea pot, two cups, two saucers, two plates, sugar bowl, milk jug, two teaspoons and a tray.

RRP £20.00
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Crayola Twistable Sketch and Draw Set

Toys don’t have to be complicated to capture a child’s imagination; this 40 piece art set is the perfect platform for rainy afternoon fun. All you need to add is the paper!

RRP £7.49
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It’s not just fun items you have to think about before setting off on holiday, however – in order to make sure your leisure vehicle is protected while you’re away, it’s important to have an up-to-date insurance policy. Coast can offer you a great quote on your motorhome insurance or caravan insurance, simply call Freephone 0800 614 849.