Your guide to winter touring

Many of our touring caravan and motorhome customers are preparing their leisure vehicle for storage, but colder weather doesn’t have to mean an end to the outdoor lifestyle – with the right approach you can enjoy caravanning right through the winter.

The latest edition of Practical Caravan magazine offers some great tips for those of you who are interested in taking your caravan or motorhome away during the ‘off’ season.

For instance, purchasing an insulated jacket for your Aquaroll will ensure the water supply to your leisure vehicle doesn’t freeze during the night, while keeping the heating on low during the night with the window on the night catch will help prevent condensation.

There are some stunning parts of the UK that can be enjoyed in the wintertime, whether it’s swishing autumn leaves in the park or visiting a traditional Christmas market. Some caravan clubs even arrange winter rallies to unite hardened caravanners who want to enjoy their ‘van whatever the weather.

If you’re not keen on the cold climate then you could even head abroad in search of some winter sun. Coast’s touring caravan insurance offers up to 180 days’ foreign cover to protect you in Europe and beyond.

Whatever time of year you decide to go caravanning, don’t forget to make sure your caravan insurance or motorhome insurance is up-to-date before you set off. Even if you’re planning to put your leisure vehicle into storage, year-round caravan cover will protect it from risks such as theft and weather damage – plus you’ll have insurance ready and waiting if you decide to get it out of retirement before springtime!

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