Protecting your caravan during stormy weather

We’ve all been shocked by the pictures of New York emerging in the news this week as Hurricane Sandy sweeps through the city. Thankfully the UK is not set for such extreme weather, however the autumn and winter months can leave your caravan more susceptible to damage from heavy rainfall and strong winds.

There are a number of things that you can do to minimise the chance of your caravan sustaining damage in inclement weather. If you are towing when a major storm strikes, pull over at the first convenient point and wait for it to pass. Drive to your nearest stopping point at a steady speed as the quicker you travel, the more likely your caravan is to start snaking out of control. Avoid high ground as these roads are more likely to bear the brunt of bad driving conditions. Motorways can also prove very dangerous to caravan towers during storms.

If you’ve just arrived at the campsite, ask for a pitch with the least exposure to wind and rain. Watch out, however, for unsecured objects nearby – such as garden furniture, fence posts or signage – that could blow into your vehicle.

Don’t put up your awning or take it down if weather conditions deteriorate. Even medium strength storms can cause damage to your awning, which could cause it to come loose and damage your caravan.

The heavier your caravan is, the less likelihood it will become unstable in the wind. Increase the weight of your vehicle by storing heavy objects such as awnings inside or loading it up with a few filled water carriers. Place the objects in the centre of the vehicle to keep it as balanced as possible.

If there are strong gales, don’t be afraid to secure your caravan and then spend the night in a nearby hotel.

If you’re planning to store your caravan during the winter months, make sure it is placed somewhere that offers as much protection as possible from wind and rain. This might mean leaving it in a secure storage area rather than on your driveway. If you do chose to leave it outside, make sure your caravan is rotated so that the wind hits it head on rather than subjecting it to a side breeze.

Even with all precautionary measures taken, sometimes unfortunately touring caravans are damaged during bad weather conditions. Coast’s caravan insurance includes storm damage protection – to find out more about our touring caravan cover call Freephone 0800 614 849 or buy caravan insurance online.